program ID 13023, Hubble Cycle 20, PI Marco Chiaberge

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Below you will find a links to separate pages for all objects.  Within each object’s page, we provide more detailed information on the object, as well as links to individual data products (UVIS and IR channel drizzled images, etc.). To make it easier to download data from multiple objects, we also provide below links that will allow you to download a tarball of each object’s data products.

Click here for a visual comparison between MAST pipeline data reduction results and our UVIS reduction 

            Radio Galaxies

Object                   Tarball of

Page                 data products

  3C 210                            (111 Mb)

  3C 230                            (111 Mb)

  3C 255                           (111 Mb)

  3C 257                            (111 Mb)

  3C 297                            (111 Mb)

  3C 300.1                         (111 Mb)

  3C 305.1                         (111 Mb)

  3C 322                            (111 Mb)

  3C 324                            (111 Mb)

  3C 326.1                         (111 Mb)

  3C 356                            (111 Mb)

  3C 454.1                         (111 Mb)


Object                 Tarball of

Page               data products

  3C 68.1                          (111 Mb)

  3C 186                           (111 Mb)

  3C 208                           (111 Mb)

  3C 220.2                        (111 Mb)

  3C 268.4                        (111 Mb)

  3C 270.1                        (111 Mb)

  3C 287                           (111 Mb)

  3C 298                           (111 Mb)

  3C 418                           (111 Mb)

  3C 432                           (111 Mb)

When using data from this website, please include the following acknowledgement:

"This work is based on observations taken by the HST-3C collaboration, program GO 13023, with the NASA/ESA HST, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under NASA contract NAS 5-26555." And please cite Hilbert et al. 2016, ApJS, 225, 12.